Wednesday, March 18, 2015

2014/15 Random Photos

 Some random photos from the last year or so
Emerald Lake, Field, BC
Krissy in Banff, AB - May 2014

Icefields Parkway couloir

Icefields Parkway couloir

Banff, AB in May 2014

Josee watching cat videos

On the road to Maple Canyon, UT

Maple Canyon, UT

Pipedream Cave, Maple Canyon, UT

Krissy in her new cat hat
Bella, day one

First day at the lookout

First day at the dog park

Bella and Maddy

Camping in Canmore

Coffee with Bella

Bella and Josee playing

First snow

View from Mt. Norquay

Cold desert night

Waking up in Red Rocks, NV

More playing

Emerald Peak ski day.

Emerald Peak summit

Knee met a rock up close

Greg and Bella on the way down.

Backcountry ski day essentials

Mt. Cathedral

Love nibble

Crowfoot Glades

Krissy and the results of skiing a little to close to the trees

Bella in Red Rocks, NV

Krissy and Bella. Red Rocks, NV

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